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AHE vs Top 10 Museums: 3rd place!

National Geographic maintains a list of what they consider to be the Top 10 Museums of the World. While that list is of course debatable, all of the museums on that list are very impressive heavyweights when it comes to museums. We wondered: How does Ancient History Encyclopedia compare to those museums when it comes to internet traffic to their websites?

The surprising finding: We’re estimated to have more internet visitors than all but two of the world’s top ten museums! More than the British Museum in London or the Louvre in Paris, both of which have very prestigious and substantial websites. Only the Smithsonian Institute in Washington D.C. and the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York get more traffic than us.

The top five websites when it comes to museums and Ancient History Encyclopedia

The top five websites when it comes to museums and Ancient History Encyclopedia, based on Alexa ranking. A lower number means more visitors.

WOW! This is mindblowing! Clearly, our readers (yes, that’s you) like what we’re doing, and support us by coming back and recommending us to their friends. We thank you very much for all your support… without it, our little group of less than 10 volunteers would never have achieved this in only five years.

Alexa is a web analytics company that maintains a ranking of all the world’s websites. As very few websites openly share how much traffic they get (unlike us, we like telling you), Alexa uses various metrics to estimate how much traffic a website gets. The rank is based on a combination of unique visitors and pageviews to a website over the last three months (more about that here). So these are estimates, and they might be off by a large margin, but it’s the best information we can work with, and it makes us happy and proud.

Here’s the complete list (straight from Alexa):

Alexa Internet - Site Comparisons - Google Chrome_2014-12-11_22-12-25

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