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Our Little-Known but Amazing Tools for History Buffs

With several thousand pages, Ancient History Encyclopedia is huge! There are a few features on our site that most people don’t know about, but which are absolutely amazing! So come give our amazing tools for history buffs a try:

Searchable Timeline
We’ve got a searchable timeline of ancient history. Just enter a date range and a few keywords and you’ll see a list of timeline entries. You can even search by event category, such as warfare or philosophy. By searching the world timeline, relationships between events appear that you never knew were there.

Interactive Ancient Atlas
Our ancient atlas is a collection of interactive maps of the ancient world. We’ve got the interactive Map of the Ancient World where you just enter a date and you see the world map at that time, all linked back to the definitions on AHE. We’ve got the highly detailed Map of the Roman Empire, created by the Pelagios Project. Then there’s the Map of Ancient History Museums and the Map of Greco-Roman Sites, which shows the locations of almost all the archaeological sites of the Classical Era around the Mediterranean world (maintained by the Vici Project).

Weights & Measures Calculator
Are you reading Herotodus and you’re wondering what ten Stadia are in miles? Or are you wondering what a Roman Amphora is in litres, or how many pounds there are in an Egyptian Qedet? We’ve got all key measures from the Greco-Roman world covered in our handy conversion tool. Use this tool to get a better understanding of the ancient texts you’re reading. You can convert any Greek or Roman unit of measurement into either metric or imperial system.

Latin Dictionary
There are many dictionaries of modern languages online, but there are only a few for Latin, and they’re not always very easy to use… or even useful. We’ve got a Latin language section that we think is both easy to use and useful! You can of course not only look up both Latin or English words, but the really interesting bit is that you can find the declination/conjugation for every word you look up (here’s an example).

So give our amazing tools for history buffs a try and tell us which one you liked best!

If you ever feel like learning about ancient history, but you’re not sure what to read, we’ve got just the tool for you: the random page feature. Quite simply, it’ll take you to a random article on AHE. You can find it in our main top menu under “tools”.

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