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Collaboration with Past Preservers

Ancient History Encyclopedia (AHE) will be collaborating on future projects with Past Preservers, enlarging the creative hub between the media, heritage organizations and academic institutions. AHE’s global reach will increase public attention to archaeology, documentary programming, and educational research.

Founded by archaeologists Nigel J. Hetherington and Kelly Krause in 2005, Past Preservers provides a creative space between the heritage and media worlds. They have established a production consulting team with the sole purpose of producing quality history-based, non-fiction programming by focusing on the creative aspect of each project including concept development, production, historical consulting and casting of experts and presenters. Their projects include work for major networks, such as History Channel, Discovery Channel, National Geographic Channel and Al-Jazeera International. At the heart of their operation are over 1400 heritage professionals from over twenty countries including archaeologists, historians, Egyptologists, classicists, conservationists, forensic biologists, anthropologists, authors, and heritage specialists.

Ancient History Encyclopedia is a non-profit educational website with a global vision: to provide the best ancient history information on the internet for free. It combines different media, subjects, and periods in interactive ways that will help readers understand both the “big picture” and the detail. Editorial review is at the heart of AHE’s process to ensure highest quality. Recommended by the European Commission’s eLearning and proudly listed as open education resource in the OER Commons, AHE is additionally a contributing member of the prestigious academic Pelagios network. The website has just added video content, broadening its reach and audience. With a global reach of over a million page-views per month, AHE is probably the world’s most-visited educational resource exclusively devoted to the ancient world.

Nigel Hetherington, Past Preservers Founder, pointed out “this alliance will take us closer to achieving our goal of bringing the heritage and media worlds’ closer together.”

Both of our organizations are committed to the principle that the public should have increased access and exposure to the disciplines of archaeology and history: “Story” is a key component in the word “history.” Past Preservers and AHE aim to convey an excitement for the past through original content and programming.

Ancient History Encyclopedia’s founder, Jan van der Crabben, says: “I am veryt excited at the prospect of working together with Past Preservers. We share the same vision and we want to excite people across the world about the fascinating history of antiquity. Our organizations have different contacts and audiences, and bringing them together is going to enrich both of them.”

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James Blake Wiener is the Communications Director at Ancient History Encyclopedia. Trained as a historian and researcher, and previously a professor, James is chiefly interested in cross-cultural exchange, world history, and international relations. Aside from his work at AHE, James is an avid Arabist, devotee of romance languages (French, Portuguese, and Spanish), reggaetoñero, and fan of ice hockey.