Phoenician Splendor & Turkish Delights

South of the bustling Lebanese capital–the alluring Beirut–is the ancient Phoenician city of Tyre. In its heyday it was a major center of international trade and commerce. From Tyre, Phoenician merchants and sailors¬† sailed to present day Spain, Greece, and Tunisia. The ruins of the old city are remarkably intact and bear witness to centuries… Continue reading Phoenician Splendor & Turkish Delights

Funerary Treasures from Ancient Egypt

With over a hundred objects from the Brooklyn Museum’s fine collection of Ancient Egyptian art, “To Live Forever: Egyptian Treasures from the Brooklyn Museum” is a spellbinding, traveling exhibition in the United States. The exhibition focuses, not surprisingly, on the religious beliefs of the Egyptians. Specific attention is given to the practical and economic concerns… Continue reading Funerary Treasures from Ancient Egypt

King Tutankhamun Exhibition Arrives in Australia

For our readers “Down Under,” please note that a fantastic exhibition is in your country for the very first time. The Melbourne Museum and National Geographic are sponsoring “Tutankhamun and the Golden Age of the Pharaohs” in Melbourne, Australia. This has already drawn over seven million visitors in the United States and Europe in the… Continue reading King Tutankhamun Exhibition Arrives in Australia

Call for Papers: Warfare in Antiquity

The study of ancient warfare is a broad and well established subject that stretches across a range of disciplines. However, persistent controversies regarding interpretations of and approaches to the subject matter remain. In light of this and in celebration of the recent 2,500 year anniversary of the battle of Marathon, the UCD Schools of Archaeology… Continue reading Call for Papers: Warfare in Antiquity

Nubia: Ancient Kingdoms of Africa

Nubia: Ancient Kingdoms of Africa, an exhibition at New York University’s Institute for the Study of the Ancient World, takes the visitor deep into the heart of one of Africa’s most mysterious and fascinating ancient kingdoms. Showcasing over a hundred objects and works of craftsmanship, this is the first major Nubian exhibition in the United… Continue reading Nubia: Ancient Kingdoms of Africa

Roads of Arabia

Roads of Arabia is the first major exhibition of ancient objects, jewelery, art, and goods from the Arabia Peninsula –specifically, Saudi Arabia. It will be on international tour until 2013, visiting Paris, Barcelona, St. Petersburg, Berlin, and Chicago along the way. Writing in the Parisian daily Le Figaro, Eric Bi√©try-Rivierre marveled at the discovery of… Continue reading Roads of Arabia

Book Recommendations

We have another new feature: Book recommendations! Now you can recommend books on every subject on the site. Recommended books will always display with the related books at the bottom, and are specially highlighted. You can also leave a review (which isn’t displayed yet, but will be soon). I’m looking forward to all your recommendations!

Visual Timelines

There is a new feature on Ancient History Encyclopedia: visual timelines! Now, above every timeline column you will find a link to a visual timeline, where each event is visually placed on a timeline. When searching the timeline you will now also always see a visual timeline. I hope you like the new feature —… Continue reading Visual Timelines