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Google Chrome users, listen up: Ancient History Encyclopedia is now also available as Google Chrome app in the Chrome Web Store. You can now simply install the AHE Chrome app to have easy access to the site!

New Design

Ancient History Encyclopedia has a new and improved design! Thanks to the help of designer Alexis Chovas we’ve now got a website that’s not only functional but also looking great! It’s not 100% done yet: I still want to change the way contributions are done, and add some more UI improvements. Your feedback is welcome,… Continue reading New Design

New visitor peak

Yesterday for the first time in its history AHE has had over 500 uniqe visitors in one day. I thought I should use this opportunity not only to celebrate this milestone, but also take the time to assemble some statistics about the site. Continue reading to see the numbers!

Exhibition: Amazons – Mysterious Warriors

SPEYER, GERMANY: For the past three millennia, the exploits of the Amazon tribe have become the stuff of legend. These implacable female warriors are supposed to have battled before Troy and laid siege to Athens. To this day, scholars have searched the world for evidence of their true nature. In this unique international historical and… Continue reading Exhibition: Amazons – Mysterious Warriors

Exhibition: The Neolithic Period in Transition

KARLSRUHE, GERMANY: The Baadisches Landesmuseum is hosting the exhibition The Neolithic Period in Transition: The Michelsberg Culture and Central Europe 6.000 years ago on societal changes in the early stone age, focussing on Stone Age culture in southern Germany. Around one thousand years after the establishment of the Neolithic in Central Europe radical cultural changes… Continue reading Exhibition: The Neolithic Period in Transition

New Domain Name

Ancient History Encyclopedia is looking for a new domain name! We have found that many people find it hard to remember or even pronounce “”, so for now we have moved to “”. Nonetheless we are still looking for suggestions!

Exhibition: Book of the Dead

LONDON: British Museum. The landmark exhibition Ancient Egyptian Book of the Dead has opened its doors in the British Museum in London. The ‘Book’ was not a single text but a compilation of spells designed to guide the deceased through the dangers of the underworld, ultimately ensuring eternal life.

Reading a Pyramid

The British Museum, London: James Allen, Brown University, explores their meaning and the relationship between the pyramids and the afterlife.

Lecture: The Spartacus Road

London: The British Museum. Peter Stothard, Editor of the Times Literary Supplement, talks with Mary Beard, University of Cambridge, about his latest book, an unusual and highly praised work which retraces the journey taken by Spartacus and his slave army as they fought their Roman enemies in 73–71 BC.