Exhibition: Afghanistan, Crossroads of the Ancient World

LONDON. The British Museum is hosting the exhibition Afghanistan: Crossroads of the Ancient World, featuring over 200 objects found in Afghanistan dating from between 2000 BC to the first century AD. The Exhibition is on display from 03 March to 03 July 2011 at the British Museum in London Bloomsbury.

Radiocarbon dating Dynastic Egypt

A team led by Oxford University professor Christopher Ramsey has established a more accurate chronology of Dynastic Egypt than has ever been possible. The study was based on a radiocarbon analysis of plant remains from ancient Egypt. Surprisingly, the results largely confirm the previously established chronology from ancient sources.

Exhibition: Immortal Alexander the Great

Amsterdam: The Hermitage Museum in Amsterdam is hosting the exhibition The Immortal Alexander the Great, which will be on view from 18 September 2010 until 18 March 2011 in the Hermitage Amsterdam, with over 350 masterpieces, including the famous Gonzaga cameo from the State Museum the Hermitage in St Petersburg.

The Internet and Poor Ancient History Information

The website Livius.org has been awarded the 2010 Oikos Prize for popularizing Ancient History by the Dutch national research school of classicists. In his acceptance spech titled “Ancient History, Poor Information, and the Internet” the site owner, Jona Lendering explains why the quality standards of information about ancient history have fallen over the years, and… Continue reading The Internet and Poor Ancient History Information

Exhibition: Book of the Dead

London: The British Museum is hosting an exhibition about the Ancient Egyptian Book of the Dead. The ‘Book’ was not a single text but a compilation of spells designed to guide the deceased through the dangers of the underworld, ultimately ensuring eternal life. The exhibition is on display from 04 November 2010 to 06 March… Continue reading Exhibition: Book of the Dead

Peer Reviewers Needed

Ancient History Enyclopedia is looking for peer reviewers to verify and improve the quality of content on the site. We accept applications from a wide range of specialists, including but not limited to historians, archaeologists, researchers, PhD students, and authors / journalists that are focussing on ancient history. Students below the PhD level are invited… Continue reading Peer Reviewers Needed

Exhibition: Qumran Scrolls

Paris: The French National Library (Bibliothèque nationale de France) is hosting an exhibition on the Qumran Scrolls until 11 July 2010. Read below the fold for the French exhibition description.

Exhibition: Tutankhamun’s Funeral

United States: The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York is currently exhibiting jars, lids, bowls, floral collars, linen sheets, and bandages that were used at Tutankhamun’s mummification and the rites associated with his burial, as well as related objects such as a sculpted head of the youthful pharaoh and several facsimile paintings depicting funerary… Continue reading Exhibition: Tutankhamun’s Funeral

Exhibition: Meroe, Empire on the Nile

France: In this first exhibition devoted exclusively to Meroë, capital of a great empire on the Nile, two hundred works of art highlight the majesty of an ancient civilization and its intermingling of African, Egyptian and Greco-Roman influences. The exhibition is in the Louvre Museum in Paris until 09 June 2010.

Research Group on the First Punic War

The First Punic War dramatically changed Rome by transforming her into an Empire swelling beyond the natural confines of the Italian peninsula, accordingly bringing her into greater interaction and conflict with other Mediterranean powers.  We are forming an active working research group across multiple disciplines including but not limited to History, Archaeology, Ancient Warfare, portraiture… Continue reading Research Group on the First Punic War