Ancient “Modernism” in Greco-Roman Egypt

In the February 2012 edition of Smithsonian Magazine, there is an excellent article on the beautiful “Fayum portraits,” dating from the Greco-Roman period of Egyptian history (c. 332 BCE–642 CE). Discovered between 1887 and 1889 CE, by the British archaeologist W. M. Flinders Petrie, these portraits are arguably some of the most exquisite portraits in the history of art. To read more about these portraits, please click here to read and access this article. Be sure to follow the links to view the gallery of accompanying images!


By James Wiener

James Blake Wiener is the Communications Director at Ancient History Encyclopedia. Trained as a historian and researcher, and previously a professor, James is chiefly interested in cross-cultural exchange, world history, and international relations. Aside from his work at AHE, James is an avid Arabist, devotee of romance languages (French, Portuguese, and Spanish), reggaeto├▒ero, and fan of ice hockey.