Month: October 2011

Rome Echoes Across The Time

Rome means different things to different people. Some associate Rome with its ancient civilization and massive empire; to others, it’s the center of the Roman Catholic Church and the vibrant capital of modern Italy. For many though, it’s the “eternal city,” a metropolis which exemplifies magnificence, art, and culture. Robert Hughes, the acclaimed Australian art-critic, writer, and documentary filmmaker, has just published a new book–Rome: A Cultural, Visual, and Personal History–paying homage to this most legendary of cities. Please be sure to read an excerpt from the Wall Street Journal Magazine here, and also Professor Simon Schama’s review of the book at Newsweek Magazine, here.

Ancient depiction of childbirth found at Etruscan site in Tuscany

An archaeological excavation at Poggio Colla, the site of a 2,700-year-old Etruscan settlement in Italy’s Mugello Valley, has turned up a surprising and unique find: two images of a woman giving birth to a child. Researchers from the Mugello Valley Archaeological Project, which oversees the Poggio Colla excavation site some 20 miles northeast of Florence, discovered the images on a small fragment from a ceramic vessel that is more than 2,600 years old. The images show the head and shoulders of a baby emerging from a mother represented with her knees raised and her face shown in profile, one arm raised, and a long ponytail running down her back. Read the full story at Open University.

More Communication Features

For a long time I felt that the “community” part of Ancient History Encyclopedia was still in need of improvement. Yes, the content is all contributed by the community… but a community means interaction. Therefore I’m happy to announce that we now have more communication features! Whenever somebody post a comment on your content, or replies to one of your comments, you are notified by email. That way, you know when to reply to somebody. Also, whenever we approve content, the author is notified by email. We made sure that you won’t be flooded with emails, so you will only receive one notification, even if there are multiple replies. Also, you can change your communication settings in your “my account” page. I hope you will enjoy chatting away!