Month: April 2010

Exhibition: Tutankhamun’s Funeral

United States: The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York is currently exhibiting jars, lids, bowls, floral collars, linen sheets, and bandages that were used at Tutankhamun’s mummification and the rites associated with his burial, as well as related objects such as a sculpted head of the youthful pharaoh and several facsimile paintings depicting funerary rituals. Archival photographs from the early twentieth century by Harry Burton, the Museum’s expedition photographer, provide an evocative background. The Tutankhamun exhibition runs until 06 September 2010.

Exhibition: Meroe, Empire on the Nile

France: In this first exhibition devoted exclusively to Meroë, capital of a great empire on the Nile, two hundred works of art highlight the majesty of an ancient civilization and its intermingling of African, Egyptian and Greco-Roman influences. The exhibition is in the Louvre Museum in Paris until 09 June 2010.

Research Group on the First Punic War

The First Punic War dramatically changed Rome by transforming her into an Empire swelling beyond the natural confines of the Italian peninsula, accordingly bringing her into greater interaction and conflict with other Mediterranean powers.  We are forming an active working research group across multiple disciplines including but not limited to History, Archaeology, Ancient Warfare, portraiture of the “enemy,” and other contributions to the study of this period and the respective nations.

Life in Year One Interview

In his new Book Life in Year One Scott Korb examines what life was like when Jesus was born: What did people eat, how did they live, how did they dress, and what was flirting like? Using archaeological data, ancient texts, and modern historical research, he paints a clear picture Jewish life under Roman rule. National Public Radio has interviewed Korb about his new book.

Ancient History News

We’ve just added a news system to Ancient History Encyclopedia. This was the logical next step, as the goal of the site is to promote the knowledge of ancient history by making it freely accessible in a useful format. We are going to post news about everything relating to ancient history, including but not limited to archaeological discoveries, talks & conferences, interviews, exhibitions, book reviews, and special events.