10 History Blogs to Follow

There are hundreds of great history blogs out there and we could write about them all day! These are the 10 history blogs Ancient History et cetera’s blog editor follows on a regular basis.

Cuneiform Writing. Photographer Jan van der Crabben

  1. Following Hadrian
    This is the blog of history enthusiast Carole Raddato and she is particularly interested in anything related to the emperor Hadrian. Whenever Carole is looking for new places to visit, she takes inspiration from Hadrian’s journeys and follows in his footsteps with her camera and notepad at the ready.
  2. Clio Ancient Art & Antiquities
    Clio Ancient Art and Antiquities was established with the aim of making it easier for large audiences to access and enjoy art and antiquities. The blog generally covers art from ancient Roman, Egyptian, Greek, Cypriot, Byzantine and Near Eastern cultures. If you want to look at some amazing images, this is your stop.
  3. Nomadic Matt
    Matt Kepnes enjoys travelling; he caught the travel bug in 2006 and never looked back. Since then, Matt has been sharing his knowledge of how to travel ‘on a budget’ around the world. Planning a dreamy holiday? Maybe Matt can help you.
  4. History of the Ancient World
    Are you looking for a blog that can connect you to a range of feature articles, multimedia and even quizzes about the ancient world? Look no further: History of the Ancient World is the blog for you.
  5. Love of History
    Dr. Constantine Katsari is a professional economic historian and numismatist. In her blog, she writes about her passions which are (unsurprisingly) history, archaeology and coins. In one of her latest posts, using coins as evidence, she writes about Roman politics in what is now present-day Turkey.
  6. Mike Anderson’s Ancient History Blog
    Mike Anderson had been blogging since 2004, and his interests lie in ancient history, art, metaphysics and the psychology of human behaviour. Mike tends to focus on the history of the Roman republic and empire, exploring everyday culture to battle tactics.
  7. The History Blog
    Featuring mainly ancient European and medieval history, this blog also has the occasional book review and reading list. This blog follows the thread of history in an effort to find those connections that link us to our past. In the words of the author who calls himself Livius: “It’s a blog, about history.”
  8. Jaunting Jen
    Jen travels… a lot. She is an army veteran, archaeologist, photographer, historian and history teacher. Though there is a dash of modern history in Jen’s blog, she visits some fascinating ancient monuments and locations as well.
  9. Ladies of Yore
    Roxana reviews books about historical women in her blog Ladies of Lore. She has a background in English literature and is an aspiring writer who enjoys learning about history. Roxana is always searching for enthralling and thought-provoking historical reads because she enjoy thinking about and discussing books.
  10. Latin Language Blog
    Want a fresh take on history? Blogging since 2009, Brittany Marie Garcia the author behind Latin Language Blog takes the language of the ancients and places it in today’s context. Why not see if their posts about Disney mythology vs Roman-Greek mythology are for you?