5 Great History Apps

Out of all the history apps available these select few are ones used by Ancient History etcetera’s blog editor, hopefully you find them useful too!

Byzantium at the Getty

GETTY If you are interested in exploring the visually rich and  spiritual art of the Byzantine Empire, this app is for you.  It contains audio, video and photography displaying  items of spiritual significance.

The Getty is available on both Android and Apple   phones. It was created in conjunction with two 2014  exhibitions, Heaven and Earth: Art of Byzantium from Greek Collections and Heaven and Earth: Byzantine Illumination at the Cultural Crossroads.

LP Old English

LP Old English Want to learn ancient languages? LP Old English could be  for you. Covering vocabulary, nouns and verbs it is a  comprehensive tool for teaching yourself another  language.

This app is available on both Android and Apple phones  and comes in a series created by David Arthur. The  series covers Latin, Ancient Greek, Old Norse, Sanskrit and a host of modern languages.

History: Maps of World

History Maps History and geography collide in this very popular  resource. It contains interactive maps of the world which  show geopolitical and geographic changes over time.

This app is available on Apple phones and iPads.

British Library 19th Century Books

britishlibicon Interested in books on philosophy, history, science  and classic novels? This app covers all of the British  Library’s 19th century book collection which includes  some interesting secondary sources of information on  the ancient world.

This app is available on Apple phones.


Sapiens – Archaeology & History

Sapiens - Archaeology & History If Archaeology, paleontology and anthropology are  more your style, Sapiens – Archaeology & History app  is for you! This app displays fossil remains of many  species, in  an interactive and intuitive format.

This app is available on Android phones.