Travel Posts of the Ancient World on AHetc

So many people contribute amazing posts to AHetc about their travels around the ancient world. I recently went through them all and found some posts that feature places I want to visit someday. I’m hoping, that like me, you find some inspiration and ideas looking through them too. To view the posts, click on the accompanying image.

Our Rome visit in Photos

Ancient World RomeEveryone loves to see the photos you took when travelling, which is why I adore this post. Earlier this year two of the AHE team, Jan and James, visited Rome to present at a conference. They kindly took a bunch of photos of this ancient world for those of us that couldn’t go with them.

Travelling in Israel on a Budget

Ancient World Israel

From this handy guide, I discovered some out-of-the-way places to visit in Israel. Before reading this post I also didn’t know about nifty travel and accommodation services such as Expedia and air BnB, so it was an all-round education!

10 Must See Ancient Sites in Provence, France

Ancient World France

Wherever you are travelling it is always great to have an idea of a few spots you must see. Which is why every history lover should make an ancient world list like the one Carole has created here.

Our Ancient Cyprus Travel Guide

Ancient World Cyprus

If you are like me and need to visit Cyprus at some point, this post is a essential travel guide.

Ancient Treasures in Caria

Ancient World Caria

Sometimes it is not always easy to find the hidden treasures in any given location. However, Carole has made exploring the ancient world easy for us with this post about Caria!

Angkor: Temples of Delight

Ancient World lrangkor angkor

If ancient Asia is more your style, then this post will leave you in awe and give you something to look forward to.

Beyond Dubai: The Ancient UAE

Ancient World dubai

This post is an interview with author Dr. David Millar, who wrote the fascinating book Beyond Dubai: Seeking Lost Cities in the Emirates, and as the title suggests he mentions many of the hidden treasures in the United Arab Emirates. So if you are looking for a place to start learning about travel spots in this part of the world, here it is!

Visiting the Roman Baths in Bath, England

Ancient World Roman Baths Bath

Though I have been to England 3 times I’ve never gotten to the Roman Baths in Bath. So we will finish up with a post about Roman Baths because what is a trip around the world without seeing some ancient baths?