This is one of the 10 top masterpieces of the Museum. It is a fragment of a relief (probably part of a balustrade) with a deep sunk relief. Pharaoh Akhenaten (headless) is followed by his wife Nefertiti and Meritaten. He stands before an offering table with 3 jars, to which the hands of the Aten are extended. Early cartouches of Aten on arms and chest of king can be seen. Column of hieroglyphic inscriptions are carved in front of Nefertiti. They read “Nefer-neferu-aten Nefertiti, may she live forever and ever”. In addition the hieroglyphs above the princess read” Merit(aten), born of the Great Royal Wife, Nefer-neferu-aten, Nefertiti, may she live forever and ever”. From Amrna, Egypt. 18th Dynasty, 1353–1336 BCE. With thanks to the Petrie Museum of Egyptian Archaeology. Photo © Osama S. M. Amin.