Ancient History Maps Now Online

Map of the Ancient World
After much preparation and a lot of work (which is far from being finished), we are pleased to include an interactive map section on Ancient History Encyclopedia. You can now geographically explore the ancient world and gain a much deeper understanding of not only geography and location, but also interconnections between civilizations and empires.

The first map is a political map of ancient times that lets you set the date you want to view, and you will see the cities and state borders at that time (all searchable, of course). The terrain shows the original natural terrain in ancient times, not the modern landscape. It’s a custom-built map, and it’s not complete: At the moment you can only see borders until around 270 BCE, even though cities are already placed until a much later date.

The second map is a Map of the Roman Empire (and the Classical World), created by the Pelagios Project. It doesn’t allow you to change the date or see state borders, but it offers a far more detailed view of the Roman world, showing not only cities but also roads, fortresses, and other important landmarks. It is highly zoomable and also searchable.

We hope that you are going to enjoy viewing these new maps. Let us know what you think!

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