Peer Reviewers Needed

Ancient History Enyclopedia is looking for peer reviewers to verify and improve the quality of content on the site.

We accept applications from a wide range of specialists, including but not limited to historians, archaeologists, researchers, PhD students, and authors / journalists that are focussing on ancient history. Students below the PhD level are invited to contribute definitions and articles and may become peer reviewers if they demonstrate an appropriate level of expertise in their field.

This website is a non-profit source of ancient history information. The goal is to make quality ancient history information freely available on the internet, which is something that is clearly missing: Books are expensive, Wikipedia is comprehensive but unreliable, and  many other sites are either amateurish, sometimes with a nationalist agenda, or their presentation is so bad that it nearly makes them useless.

In order to reach our goal we therefore need a community of voluntary peer reviewers. A peer reviewer could do any of the following:

  • … review new content before it is published on the site
  • … review and edit existing content on the site
  • … review Wikipedia articles, edit them, and post them on Ancient History Encyclopedia
  • … and of course submit their own writing

If you are interested, please email us at:

Please send a short text about yourself and why you will be a good peer reviewer. An attached CV or LinkedIn profile would be nice, too. 🙂


By Jan van der Crabben

CEO & Founder of Ancient History Encyclopedia. When he's not working on AHE, he loves to spend time with his family going hiking, visiting historic places, or doing all-day BBQs in the garden with good real ale or whiskey.