Phoenician Splendor & Turkish Delights

South of the bustling Lebanese capital–the alluring Beirut–is the ancient Phoenician city of Tyre. In its heyday it was a major center of international trade and commerce. From Tyre, Phoenician merchants and sailors  sailed to present day Spain, Greece, and Tunisia. The ruins of the old city are remarkably intact and bear witness to centuries of invasions and cultural exchange. For more information please read Mohammed El Hebeishy’s “Phoenicia Revived” You can also view several pictures of these imposing ancient ruins when accessing the provided link.

If Turkey is more to relevant to your interests, you should take a look at Susanne Güsten’s recent article in the New York Times by clicking here. Turkey has undertaken steps to protect ancient Christian churches and monasteries, in particular those found in Anatolia. Restoration and preservation work has been conducted and tourists are flocking to these sites as a result.

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