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NuSphere Sponsorship

logo-nusphereThe kind folks at NuSphere are now sponsoring us! They have provided our programming team with the latest version of their flagship product PhpED. This is going to help us greatly in programming our website and adding new features, so that our readers can enjoy an ever improving free ancient history website. Thank you very much!

Since the beginning of Ancient History Encyclopedia, we’ve used NuSphere PhpED to create our website. As the entire site is custom-built and we’re not using any existing content management system, it’s very important to have great programming tools. With such a complicated site, and thousands of files of code, we need to be able to efficiently program, make changes, and navigate through the code. With over 1.2 million monthly pageviews it’s also important that we optimize our code to run quickly and smoothly, which is becoming much easier with PhpED. Our old version of PhpED was from 2008, and after all those years we needed an update to keep up. Our founder Jan van der Crabben says:

When developing such a large website, with a programming team across two continents, efficiency and good collaboration are key to running such a large website. We need to be able to react quickly, to optimize, and to not get into each other’s way when programming. PhpED is making things a lot easier for us!


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